Best Free Phone Tracker to Track Gps and Whatsapp

By: marysmith

A phone tracker is a software that tracks the target’s phone activities once it is installed in it. Phone tracker apps are mostly used by employers who want to monitor their employees’ absence and parents who wish to monitor their children to keep them safe. There are so many phone tracking apps that selecting a good one can be very tiring and frustrating. Some software allows you to record calls and access camera with their advanced features while others only offer basic features like GPS tracking, social media monitoring, etc.

Part 1. Best Online Free Phone Tracker to Track GPS

If you are looking for an online phone tracker that can track GPS, you can use GPS Cell Phone Locator. GPS Cell Phone Locator offers a free mobile tracking service. You can find the location of the target phone easily within a few minutes.


  • The website has a straightforward and user-friendly interface.
  • Free cell phone tracking can be done from anywhere and anytime
  • You can track any phone running on Windows, iOS, Blackberry, or Android.
  • You can directly track any cell phone from the website without using any third-party apps or downloading software.

Part 2. Best Free Phone Tracker to Track GPS and WhatsApp

If you feel that the above GPS phone tracker is not the right option, it might be unsafe to use. Try Aispyerto track GPS and WhatsApp. Aispyer is used worldwide because it is the best solution for monitoring WhatsApp and live location of any mobile number. Parents can easily monitor where their kids are going with Aispyer’s GPS phone tracker. As this app completely hides itself inside the target phone, your kids would never know that they are being monitored. While other phone trackers available in the market only lets you monitor whether someone is online or not Aispyer keeps track of all conversations, multimedia files, and call histories on the target device.

Key Features of Aispyer

  • Easy to use and install
  • Low power consumption and doesn’t drain the battery of the target phone
  • Safe, secure, and reliable phone tracker
  • Aispyer gives location update of the target phone until they format it.
  • Tracks live location and monitor social media apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Tracks crucial data like SMS, emails, calls, browsing history, etc.
  • After the installation in the target phone, it becomes completely invisible.

How to Track GPS Using the Best Phone Tracker 

Are you worried about your loved ones, especially kids? Do you want to know where your kids go when they leave the house? You can track the GPS location and find the answers to all of your questions with the help of Aispyer phone tracker. Aispyer is the best GPS location tracker.

To track the GPS location of your loved ones, use the following steps:

Step 1: Create an Account

Go to the official website of aispyer.com in your browser. To create an account, click on Sign up Free.

Now enter your email address and password in the required fields. Rewrite your password to confirm it and click Register.

Step 2: Download and Install

After registering your email login to your account, select a suitable target device and a package according to your needs. You will get a registration code and download link after purchasing the license. Download and install the app in the target device whenever you get physical access to it.

Step 3: Track GPS location

Open the Aispyer dashboard in your device. On the left side, you will see different features of Aispyer. Click on Location.

Current location and location history of the target device will be shown.

How to Track WhatsApp Messages with the Phone Tracker

Tracking Whatsapp messages can be tricky because you won’t want the other person to know that they are being watched. Not every phone tracker app can work efficiently in a stealth mode. Aispyer becomes completely hidden once it is installed in the target’s device. Moreover, it allows you to track not only Whatsapp messages but calls and multimedia as well.

Here are a few simple steps which you can follow to track Whatsapp messages:

Step 1: Log in

Create an account on aispyer.com by clicking Sign up Free. Complete the registration and login to your account. Choose a license plan and purchase it.

Step 2: Download and Install

Download and install Aispyer in the target device.

Step 3: Track Whatsapp

to track and monitor Whatsapp activities of the target device open Aispyer dashboard. On the left side, you will see various features of this phone tracking app. Click on Social App. Then select Whatsapp.

You will see the messages, call records, and multimedia files being sent or received on Whatsapp here.