Augmented Reality and Its Importance in the Web Development Industry

Augmented Reality and Its Importance in the Web Development Industry

By: marysmith

Augmented Reality is one of those terms that have become very popular in recent years but not many people understand it, so that’s what this article is for. Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of the physical world as we know it and it’s achieved with the use of digital visual elements, sounds, and other stimuli delivered with the use of high-end technology.

AR can be used in many different ways and we can find it very easily in our daily lives. For example, AR goggles combine the view of our surroundings with computer graphics to provide an augmented reality experience. Our smartphones also offer AR opportunities because we can use the camera to see and manipulate our surroundings with the use of the available technology.

The Difference Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality are often confused by people, but they’re very different. Virtual reality creates a synthetic virtual world you can explore with a headset, which means everything is computer-generated and one’s actual surroundings are not used as elements, which is the case with AR.

It’s important to note that many IT firms on the market are examining AR and VR to see how they can be combined to open a new path for the technology. It’s clear that the combination of these technologies will become a popular trend in the future based on the fact that companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple are working extensively on AR applications to products and services.

The Use of Augmented Reality in Web Development

Web developers who used Augmented Reality were initially a very small number, but that changed a decade ago. Both small and mid-size organizations started using AR in their presentations because they could afford it thanks to the low cost of the technology. For example, Shopify is one of the first-ever platforms to integrate AR with e-commerce. Since then, other e-commerce platforms have been running behind their trail.

Though many web store owners may find AR-based setups a bit challenging, incorporating AR into their website is worth it based on the level of Return on Investment and conversion. Most users take the easy way out and they purchase ready-made packets. However, ordering AR solutions costs a lot more than simply hiring a web developer so they can integrate AR into a website and make it customized.

To understand how much value AR technology can add and how positive it can be for systems, we can look at examples such as how this technology is able to enable shoppers and potential buyers to visualize the products they want in their homes while shopping online.

There’s no denying that augmented reality is on its way to becoming a common feature and it’s a valuable addition to websites across the internet. Every industry can benefit from using AR technology on their websites and that’s why it’s such an important technology to the web development industry.

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