Are You Looking For CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone?

By: Aiza Gill

CAD U37 is an affordable microphone. But, it certainly does the job well and is extremely convenient as it offers USB connectivity. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best mics in terms of the quality and price it offers. Particularly, it is best for amateur videos, video calls, and gaming. To put it precisely, this is one of the amazing USB mics that you can spend your money on. You can always check out more by reading the CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone Review

Features You Must Take Into Account

The CAD U37 is a large condenser microphone with a side address, known for its broadcast applications. It offers promising studio sound quality that helps you record sounds on your system by connecting it through the USB only. The recording works through a cardioid pick-up pattern that minimizes the background noises and also helps isolate the actual sound source. U37 comes with a 10dB overload-protection switch that helps minimize the distortion that occurs from loud and sharp sounds. This is the top switch on the mic’s body. And the mic works really well with all these settings turned on. The Bass-reduction switch is beneficial in bringing down the room noise low enough to tolerate. With such option, the HVAC noises are generally cleared away. That is the bottom switch. At this point, you perhaps understand the fact that the U37 is a lot better compared to an inbuilt mic. The mic has a tripod too and a 10’ feet USB cable. You can insert the cable into the system and simply plug and play. No drivers are required. Click here to learn more!

The CAD U37 is a digital gadget. It does not basically transmit in real time. Does not allow you to make use of buffers. However, the data is transmitted to a system retroactively, batch by batch, and they are marked with time stamps. As all the batches are transmitted, they are put together and then synced. If a monitor is installed into the circuit, it would certainly interrupt the signals and will cause delays.

Some of The Vital Things You Should Know About CAD U37 Mic

Amazing Sound Quality – the sound quality of the CAD U37 is amazing. It produces noise-free and warm recordings. When tested with vocals and voiceovers, the mic performed exceptionally well. For the price the mic has been made available, it is hard to get a better deal in terms of best recording quality.

No Pre-Amp Needed – If you are on a tight budget and not considering investing in a mixer, phantom power-supply or pre-amp, then this is the kind of mic you need. The CAD U37 is nothing complicated, simply plug and play! And you would be rather amazed at the kind of recordings it produces as they are comparable to several other medium-range, XLR-connected condenser microphones.

No Live Monitoring – However, the biggest demerit this mic has is the lack of live monitoring. This actually means that you just cannot really hear how your voice sounds like as you are recording or even before you record it. You will have to wait for the recordings to finish and then you will be able to play it back. This can be a big disadvantage for all those who are considering using CAD U37 USB studio condenser recording mic for vocals. It is really a feature that CAD should have included in this microphone.

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