An Overview Of Web Development

An Overview Of Web Development

By: marysmith

Web development is basically the work involved not only in building a Web site for either the Internet or an internal intranet, but also involves coming up with applications or scripts that will be used for operating a Web server. Web development may range from creating a very simple single static web page of just text up to more complex web-based applications, electronic stores, and social networking services. Web developers play a major role in making sure that information on the Internet is accessible and usable by everyone who wants to have access to it.

Some web developers work directly with clients, while others may work for large companies and freelance as web designers. There are many different job titles for web development professionals including web designers, content editors, and programmers. The latter are primarily responsible for implementing websites in all of the different formats that may be needed. For instance, they come up with the code that allows users to upload various files and use various media players; they write the HTML code that creates the pages, and they may create scripts to help the users interact with the Web sites.

Many website developers deal with issues such as content management systems, user interfaces, search engines, and browsers. They are also responsible for coming up with strategies for marketing on the websites as well as coming up with attractive graphics that will help visitors interact with the Web pages. For example, some web development firms create websites in a manner so that they link to other websites. This helps the visitor to click on links to other websites which further increase the chances of getting the visitor to make a purchase.

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A good web development company will hire professional web designers and developers who are adept at coming up with attractive designs and images as well as programmers who are knowledgeable in the various programming languages that are required in creating professional and user friendly websites. A web designer would be responsible for coming up with the layout or the template design of the web page, while a developer would be responsible for adding the content to the page, as well as testing how the web page functions. In order to increase the user experience and to ensure that visitors are satisfied with the pages, both web designer and web developer should take responsibility for coming up with ideas that will meet the demands and requirements of the clients. A professional web designer should be well equipped with knowledge about various software programs that are used in web development.

The job of a web designer is to come up with the idea for a website and then translate this idea into a functional website. In contrast, a front-end developer does the code in JavaScript. However, the front-end developer should be well versed in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS and jQuery. The main job of a front-end developer is to put the final touches to the design developed by the web designer. They are required to work closely with the designers and developers and to be able to understand their ideas and suggestions in a timely manner.

A web development company may specialize in developing websites for small businesses, educational institutions, restaurants, magazines, newspapers, etc. However, the most common type of companies involved in web development activities are those working on the Internet. Web developers and back-end developers are the same thing and both are responsible for the functionality and presentation of the website.

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