Advantages of Online Casinos Over Land-Based Casinos

Advantages of Online Casinos Over Land-Based Casinos

By: marysmith

Ever since the mid-’90s, when the first real money online casino was launched, gamblers preferred playing online rather than the traditional land-based casino settings. Not attracted to the conventional casinos, online gambling is a common choice for a Millenial of a Gen Z. The main advantage of online gambling is that you can be anywhere in the world and still have access to your favorite gambling site.

Big Rewards

Although land-based casinos offer you a great deal of rewards, most of them aren’t paid in cash but offered as free accommodation and free show tickets, among others. While at most online casinos, things are being done more smoothly.

Again, it’s not that physical casinos don’t offer rewards and bonuses; just that there are many online casinos like Playojo casino that provide many benefits to its players in terms of welcome bonuses and free spins, among others. Furthermore, Playojo casino bonuses aren’t paid with in-game coins like many sites tend to do, but they’re paid in real money that can be played again or withdrawn. And it is not only Playojo that offers real excitement. There are many that have been favoured by the online casino players.

Social Interactions

What makes a casino visit an authentic experience is indeed the fact that one is interacting with other players and getting to see all the great gamblers in one place. During the years, the casinos have worked hard and gained their rightful reputation to be more than just a gambling place but more like an entertainment center.

Everyone is having fun until the global pandemic steps in, and now there are social distancing restrictions everywhere, and one cannot continue with their weekly meetups.

One would think that an online casino would mean restricted socialization and not a chance to have any social life at an online casino. However, the reality falls far behind this. To be more precise, with a global pandemic going on, times like this have proved how much potential the online casino has in getting the people together in a safer way than the regular casino.

The companies developing the game software have a significant amount of time so that they could improve the overall user experience by adding a live chat function.

As a result of those efforts, now almost all online casinos have this useful chat feature that can be used at all times. The player can use the chat box to share thoughts and experiences with other players without playing any game.

At an online casino, everything is optional; if you prefer not to get mixed with the crowds – don’t. Having your head clear during a play is the most important thing, and the privacy and peace of mind an online casino offers is nothing a land-based one can ever achieve.


The freedom that online casinos give to one is extraordinary. You may ask yourself why? It’s simple; imagine how it was before the internet came around. To play a single hand of poker, you had to go to the closest casino house, while now everything is within the reach of your hand, just a few clicks away.

You could be doing anything like being in your bed comfortably dressed in your PJs and still playing against the most prominent names in the gambling industry or playing against players located on the other side of the world.

Maybe some gamblers only do casino games as a pass time while traveling or doing mechanical tasks. Having the privilege to gamble and bet 24/7/365 is the top quality of the invention of online casinos.

The Bottom Line

Every gambler is a story for himself, and of course, everybody would have their own personal preferences over online casinos or land-based ones. However, everything is subjective and personal tastes cannot be discussed.

As we have seen during the lockdown, online casinos were still up and running while everything was closed. Aside from all personal preferences, nobody can deny the fact that online gambling, at least at this moment, is more convenient than the impossible physical gamble.

Not only did online casinos remain open throughout the whole pandemic, but they had the same online offers that the regular casinos had on land. Everything that was available in the traditional casinos is available online too, and some gamblers would go that far as to say that some online casino sites have even more distinctive features and offer even more casino games than the standard casinos.

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