6 Little Known Airline Travel Secrets

6 Little Known Airline Travel Secrets

By: marysmith

Travel Secret #1 – Immediate Help For A Cancelled Flight

As discussed in my previous article, if you find ehmtic2014.com  in a situation where your flight is cancelled or delayed, don’t get in line, get on the phone. There’s a short window of time available to get in there and secure the best seat or a seat to your destination while this new variable (the canceled or delayed flight) is being absorbed by the airline’s scheduling system. In my experience, if you wait more than 5 or 10 minutes, many of the available resources have been secured by those at the front of the line. If you are within the first 5 people to the counter, you’re likely in good shape but otherwise, get on the phone. The agent that you speak with at on the other end of the phone can probably do everything that the desk agents can – and you’ll typically find them friendly and happy to help!

Travel Secret #2 – A very Relaxing Ride Home

Here’s a great tip for business travelers headed home on the last day of your travels. This is especially helpful if it’s been a long day which usually is the case! After you’ve checked in at the airport, slip into the rest room and put on a fresh pair of socks. You’re feet will thank you and you’ll definitely remember how great it felt! I take it even further – when I’m at the hotel packing my suitcase in the morning, I always make sure a pair of jeans, socks and my running shoes are easily accessible. This is important when changing in the cramped quarters of a bathroom stall!

Travel Tip #3 – Airport Etiquette

There is absolutely nothing wrong with brushing your teeth in the restroom at the airport! When I first saw someone doing this, my initial instinct was, “Hey, that’s not right!” – but it so very much is. There’s nothing wrong with it and your dentist and fellow travelers will appreciate it!

Travel Secret #4 – Prevent Your Bag From Being “Gate Checked”

This tip has a much higher success rate if you’re seated up front (“Up front” if you don’t already know, is airline-speak for “first class”.) If you are late to board because on your first flight you weren’t able to take advantage of Essential Travel Tip #5 or #6, and there is no more overhead space, get the attention of a flight attendant and in your most gracious, humble, and appreciative tone, ask if there is any way, they could possibly stow (“stow” – key word – indicates you fly a lot) your bag in “the closet”. Make sure you ask softly as this is kind of a secret request and secret potential favor – there is not room in “the closet” for everyone’s bag. You won’t believe it the first time you have one flight attendant tell you there is no space and your bag must be “gate checked” (read: an extra 45 minute delay after you land) and then you manage to have a different flight attendant stow it in the closet for you – It WILL happen.

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