5 Summer Travel Perks

5 Summer Travel Perks

By: marysmith

Summer is undoubtedly the busiest travel season of the year, which can be a blessing and a curse. With the kids on break and the weather perfectly suited for outdoor recreation, everyone will be making their big travel plans this time of year. True that will mean busy airports, crowded beaches, and probably some crying babies on your airline flights, but there are some great perks to traveling in the summer.

1. Cheap Flights. Airlines know they’re going to get their most business between May and September and they try to capitalize on your freedom from cabin fever by announcing huge discount airfare deals during the summer. Have your alerts set for when airline tickets drop in price and make a point to scour the discount ticket and economy airline sites for the year’s best deals in airline tickets.

2. Less Luggage. Hurray for light packing! Winter winds are out of here, meaning you no longer have to pack bulky coats, sweaters, boots, and all the miscellaneous winter accessories that go along with those. Your packed bags will look nice and lean when you’re able to replace your scarves, gloves, and hats with summer’s smaller items ¬- swimsuits, t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts – and this could mean more money in your pocket. The less stuff you have to bring along, may mean you no longer have to pay costly checked bag fees in http://tripsite.co.uk/ to the cost of your airline tickets.

3. Package Deals. Vacations are only as good as the people you travel with. Fortunately in the summer you have a lot more options for traveling buddies; more people have time off from work and school, and even if they don’t, they’re still more likely to plan their trips around this time. Resorts and popular summer vacation spots are more likely to offer cheap vacation packages to big groups. So gather your easiest-to-travel-with friends and family and crowd round your calendars and computers to pick a date and a destination. Put your searching muscles to work to find those cheap flights and affordable accommodations for large parties before everyone else.

4. Seasonal Events. The summer weather in many regions of the country is perfect for staging outdoor events like music festivals, culinary expos, art shows, and sports events, which give you hundreds of excuses to pack your bags and head someplace new. While it may be hard to find cheap tickets to fly to some of summer’s bigger and badder events, you can cut your travel costs by making good use of your resources. If your airline tickets end up costing more than you were hoping to spend, consider cheaper accommodations. See if you know anyone to stay with near the city you’re traveling to – friends, family, or even friends of friends or family – or consider using a couch surfing website or Craigslist to find a place to stay for at least one of the nights.

5. Comfort Perks. Airports and hotels prep ahead of time for their busy travel seasons and some offer ways to ease the discomfort felt by their guests when faced with long lines, extended wait times, and crowded locations. A few airports book live bands or local entertainment while you wait for your flight to board and others set up sleeping pods for weary travelers to catch some quick shut eye. Some car rental companies give away refreshing beverages and summer toys and sometimes, if you’re lucky, hotels will use their connections to offer you free or discounted passes to some of the local tourist destinations for your patience.

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