5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Reseller Hosting Website SEO

5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Reseller Hosting Website SEO

By: Aiza Gill

Web hosting can be a lucrative business. While starting a web hosting company was perceived to be a costly affair, with Reseller Web Hosting plans, you can start a hosting business in a simple and cost-efficient manner. All you need to do is purchase hosting resources from a parent web hosting company, create customized packages, and sell them to your clients. The ease of starting a web hosting business has led to many individuals and small companies launching their Reseller Hosting business along with their primary job/business. However, once they start, they realize that the web hosting industry is highly competitive and finding clients is not an easy task. They need to have a concrete marketing plan and approach the target segment strategically.

In today’s times, search engines play an essential role in the success of any business since most people spend a lot of time online. Hence, being able to reach them via various online platforms is crucial. It makes Search Engine Optimization or SEO of the Reseller Hosting vital to the success of the business. Today, we will share five simple tips that can help you boost the SEO of your Reseller Hosting site.

1. Check Site Speed

Your website’s speed plays an important role in boosting its search engine ranking. The speed of your site impacts two essential aspects:

  • Users – Online users prefer a website that loads fast. Some studies suggest that they tend to abandon sites that don’t load in around three seconds. Also, fast-loading pages help improve user engagement and boost your sales.
  • Search Engines – Most major search engines consider site speed as an important factor while determining its page ranking in the search engine results page.

2. Structure Of Webpages

Search engines have automatic processes to go through your website and identify what it is about and how easy it is for users to go through the content on the site. Hence, having structured webpages with distinct headers and paragraphs with no plagiarism ensures a better SEO rank.

3. Blog

Blogs are a great way to keep your customers coming back to your site for information and showing the search engine that your site is updated regularly. Hence, there is no chance of outdated content on the site. It works well for your SEO since search engines prefer sites that have updated and relevant content.

4. Links To Other Sites

When you talk about web hosting via the site content or blog, at times, you will take information from some other sites. Including a link to those sites helps establish the credibility of the blog. It is seen positively by search engines, especially if the links are to sites that are experts in the domain. It is a great way to boost your site’s SEO, especially if you have just launched the hosting business.

5. Include Social Media Buttons

This tip is not as much for the search engines as it is for users to spread the word if they like your services. Including social media buttons on the website ensures that if your site makes an impact on the visitor, they can instantly share it with the world via social media platforms. It boosts your brand’s social media presence and can help you get more traffic and better SEO for your site.

Summing Up

Once you follow these simple tips, you will start noticing a difference in the search engine rankings. But many other factors also lead to higher page rank. Ensure that you talk to an SEO expert and create a comprehensive plan to boost your site’s SEO and establish a profitable venture. Good Luck!

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