4 Ways to Choose the Right Printer for Your Schooling and Business Needs

By: marysmith

One common thing that business owners and students have in common is the need for a printer. Business owners need a printer to keep the business running while students need a printer to print out documents on projects and assignments.

With the many printer models available in the market, finding the right printer can be a tedious task. Here we have outlined the four things you should consider when choosing the perfect printer for your business and schooling needs.


Consider your budget before you go out and buy a printer. Ask yourself, how much are you willing to pay for a printer?

For a student, the need for printing is lesser than a business, and therefore it’s best to stay on the lower-range of printers. A student’s budget is limited so choose a budget-friendly printer but make sure to pick the best feature related to your needs.

Businesses require heavy duty printing and more features like high definition scanning so they’ll have a more significant budget for printers. Even a small business will need at least two printers to maintain efficiency.

Volume of printing

If you’re a business owner, you’ll be printing more documents. Laser printers are recommended since it uses toners rather than ink.

A separate inkjet printer is needed if you want to print colored materials.

A student needs a printer mostly for reports, assignments, handouts or notes. Having your printer reduces your expenses in paying for prints outside.


Many printers these days have new functions such as scanning and photocopying. There are multi-functional printers available for purchase that can print, copy, scan, fax, and email in one device.

Some can do faxing which can function with Wi-Fi or USB cable. You have to research on the features that suit your needs.

An example of a feature is scanning which can go hand in hand with school needs when you have to photocopy some notes. The fax function and WI-FI capability can be suitable for your business needs.


Advanced printers with a lot of features are more likely to be huge and bulky. These require more space than standard printers.  Prominent businesses would have space for big printers, so size is a crucial consideration.

If you’re a student and you live in a dorm room, small printers would be perfect.  You can just plug it into your laptop for immediate use when you need it. The rest of the time, you can store it away under your bed or in a cabinet.

Printing costs

Inks, toners, and papers are additional expenses when it comes to printing. For businesses requiring a lot of publication, it makes sense to buy the laser printer because they can do volume printing at a quick pace. You can also make business cards, brochures, and marketing materials out of it.

If you’re a student with quite a hefty usage for printing, there are inkjet printers that can print on thousands of papers.

Stay clear of printers needing cartridges as they can only print a small amount.

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