4 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your IT Support Team

By: marysmith

For any business to succeed, delegation of work must be embraced. As a business owner you need to delegate obligations to individuals who have specialized in the different areas of your business so that they can work together to achieve your business objectives. You might find it difficult to be a jack of all trade and still manage to attain profitability. Even with delegation, you need proper systems put in place to function. This is where IT support comes in.

A team of professionally trained IT support can streamline functions in your business thereby allowing you to maximize on efficiency. The best part about it is that you can either choose to acquire the services of an in-house support team or go for managed IT services. Both of these options have their own merits and demerits but our emphasis in this piece will be about managed support.

Outsourcing services has over the years proved to be relatively affordable compared to hiring an in-house team for a number of reasons. Professionals such as IT Services Utah do offer customized IT solutions designed to meeting the needs of your business. With that said, how do you go about when trying to hire them? What questions do need to ask to make sure that you are acquiring the right team? Here we are going to focus on the latter.

What is your experience level?

Experience is a key factor that needs to be taken into consideration before hiring any personnel let alone an IT support team. The fact that IT is a very sensitive field makes it even more imperative to go for an experienced team. Inexperienced rookies can pose a major risk to your business because they may not be able to know the whereabouts of your business. This however doesn’t mean that they cannot be able to perform their tasks.

It also comes down to preferences. Start-ups with limited a budget might opt for fresh graduates while medium sized to large enterprises might go for experience because of the workload involved and in trying to mitigate risks. It is therefore important to have an idea of what you need before making the hire.

What is your availability?

This is particularly important when hiring a remote service provider. Let them tell you about their availability so that you can be able to schedule them accordingly. If for example your business needs round the clock services, brief them and let them commit to it.

What is your strategic plan of action?

Let them elaborate how they are going to implement their strategies into your business and how long is it going to them before everything is streamlined. Are they going to set up a help desk for your business? If so, how will they be handling the tech request from customers? They need to attest that their structure is the best and it will offer you and your customers real time solutions.

What are your certifications in the field?

Besides the experience, you need to know if your to-be IT support staff have received certifications in the industry before. This will act as your testimonials to the competence levels of the team and give you assurance that they’ll be up to speed with all your requirements. It also tends to reveal their in-depth knowledge in the field which should entice you to hire them.

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