4 Affordable Ways To Make Websites More Powerful

By: marysmith

You do not have to pay a fortune just to design an effective website for your business. All it takes is some effort, investment and a bit of knowledge regarding the necessary tools to build your website or boost your presence on the web.

So, if you want to make websites more functional, powerful and attractive to customers, you can start by applying the following four affordable strategies. After you are done reading these four tips, here are more tips to help you make your websites more successful.

Make It Look Professional

Combining off-the-shelf content management systems with pre-made website templates is one of the simplest ways to get powerful websites that do not require a lot of maintenance. Though, the template that you choose to use needs to look professional and be compatible with your content management system.

Include Social Media

Nowadays it is absolutely crucial that websites include links to all of the different social media accounts of the business. What makes social media so helpful is that it can show you how customers are interacting with the website.

As social media is so useful, visitors should get encouraged to share the website or its content via their own social media accounts. The majority of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook explain clearly how you can include the different buttons, for example the “Like” and “Share” buttons, on websites. So, it does not require advanced skills. As a matter of fact, in some cases all you have to do is simply copy and paste some code to the website template or install a plug-in. It is really as simple as that!

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Analyse the Website

It is vital that you have a correct picture of how customers interact with your website. With the help of analytics tools such as Visistat, you can discover how many visitors your website attracts, how much time your visitors spend on every page and how they got referred.

Though, the most popular tool is Google Analytics. It is one of the most effective tools and the best part is that it is free! With Google Analytics, you will be able to get visitor stats that are regularly updated. What is more, it is oh-so easy to install. All you need to do is copy and paste a line of tracking code into the website code or in some cases you can simply just use a plug-in.

Gather Feedback

For business websites to be successful, they need to receive encouraging criticism. Full-on website testing technology will produce results, though it is expensive. Fortunately there are several affordable online testing services available that can offer feedback.

At the end of the day, for websites to be effective it all boils down to the basics of good design, creating interesting content and putting social media to proper use. When you implement these four strategies, websites can get results online in no time at all and without costing anyone a fortune.

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