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Whatsapp Keyboard Themes

Whatsapp Keyboard Themes

WhatsApp themes make your smartphones look attractive and colorful. They gave you a chance to change your smartphones and as well color your life beauty. The Malayalam typing keyboard has themes that brightens your mood every time you open your Keyboard to type something.

You know what’s the best part? You can customize your Keyboard themes just the way you like instead of using what has already been made and used by others. For example: you default themes saved by Whatsapp.

Let us give you an idea of themes you can use on your Whatsapp Keyboard to make your chats much happier and more positive. After all, it is you who is typing, and you don’t need something boring at your fingertips. Right?

Let us take you to the world of themes that completely change the way you look at your keyboard and type & text.

Download the Malayalam Keyboard to type in Malayalam that allows you to both write and translate your text into Malayalam language. The keyboard gives you a good and smoother typing experience and is very handy when you are typing your text into the Malayalam language and even in English language which you can translate into Malayalam later on. The keyboard has many additional features so you can send emojis and stickers to enhance your daily conversation and as we have discussed above about various trendy themes, the keyboard also has a good range of trendy themes and fonts to make your typing as well as chatting experience much more pleasant and fun.

You can apply all the beautiful and elegant themes to your Malayalam keyboard and even extract those themes from the keyboard itself. The funky fonts can also be applied according to your mood to match with your type of conversations. Fan of Malayali movies? You can use the movie posters and movie stickers or quotes as your keyboard themes to make you always feel happy and cheerful. Yes, it is highly effective, and you’ll thank us once you try this beautiful trick on your keyboards.

Let’s have fun in our own regional language by utilizing each and every smallest of features that Keyboards provide us these days, especially your very own Malayalam Keyboard. You can choose to go for voice typing in Malayalam language, type your words and sentences using its letters and even send funny memes and avatars to your friends. Nothing is boring these days; all you have to do is to download your regional keyboards and have conversations like you’re talking to the person in real life with the fast typing and prediction feature.

So, what are you waiting for folks? It is high time that you move on from your old default Keyboards and download the Malayalam Keyboard if you’re from Kerala and you’ll see the difference in your first experience only. It is always fun to have crazy themes on your keyboard, customize your themes and use some cool color palettes we have featured earlier in this article. Even when you get bored of your current Keyboard, you can change them anytime you want and surprise others with your creativity. Let them know from where this creativity has come from! Suggest them too and enjoy chatting on keyboards rather than wasting time on phone calls. Phone calls never let you send funny stickers and emojis, but Keyboards do!

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